Presents: Indie Game Initiative

Posted on Aug 25 2016 - 4:07am by Jordan Cundiff

The game industry today is a populated field to say the least. It seems like every week there is a supposed AAA game title that is put out by a big named game studio; and more times than not those AAA titles end up flopping. The problem is many games stick to popular ideas instead of trying anything new; not that there is anything wrong with that, but it tends to get boring in large quantities. Many games break this monotonous trend, providing the player a unique experience that they’ve never experienced before. Sadly, most of these games are released by small studios that barely have the funding to support their staff; which means less money to market their product. That’s where we come in to help developers with promoting games.

The Indie Game Initiative is a way to help developers market their game at no cost. We know how difficult it is to get noticed, as we are still striving to boost our popularity to get more of a following as well. This method helps the developers by us showing off their games on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. which helps devs by getting their games seen, and us by giving us content to put up; and again it’s free. We want to help game developers get out new, and innovative game ideas that could change the landscape of the game industry. This program is open to any, and everyone that would like to join up.

Do you, or someone you know, have a game that needs to get noticed? You can let us know by emailing us at From there we will ask for screenshots, demos, gameplay videos, etc. to display to the world. From there we will promote that content onto our growing social media platforms to make sure your game gets seen.