Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Review

Posted on Nov 17 2016 - 5:19am by Jordan Cundiff
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The Call of Duty franchise has been all over the timeframe. Starting all the way back at World War II, advancing to more modern warfare, and even going into futuristic warfare, Call of Duty has been able to create an incredible experience regardless of timeframe. While their rival went back in time going to World War I, Call of Duty decided to continue pursuing the futuristic aspects of war. With Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, the franchise follows an even more futuristic approach!

Infinite Warfare follows Nick Reyes, a Commander for the United Nations Space Alliance (USNA), through the war with the Settlement Defense Front (SDF). The war begins with the execution of a USNA Special Forces team by the SDF Admiral, Salen Kotch (portrayed by Kit Harington/ Jon Snow from Game of Thrones) and SDF Captain Bradley Fillion (portrayed by UFC Feather & Lightweight Champion Conor McGregor) during a mission to research an attack on a secret UNSA weapons facility by the SDF. Soon after, the SDF begins an onslaught on the USNA and all-out space warfare breaks out.


I wonder if he’s going to tell me about Winter?

Though the story doesn’t do much to stand out, this shouldn’t come as a surprise; this isn’t to say the campaign is bad though. The story is like an action movie that provides a ton of action, lots of explosions, and tense moments that leave you on the edge of your seat! The problem is at the same time it is just like an action movie with horrible character development, cliché storylines, and incredibly forgettable characters that give no reason for players to care about them. Sticking celebrities in the game only takes away from properly developing characters. Instead of sticking a famous celebrity from television and expecting players to go crazy because they saw that person from (insert location here), Call of Duty should go back to creating adversaries.

When it comes to Call of Duty titles, the one aspect everyone is looking to hear about is gameplay; and Call of Duty delivers. Focusing on the concept of Infinite Warfare, much of the battles in the game take place in space. Ranging from intense gun battles within space carriers, to battles outside of the carriers, and even space craft battles Infinite Warfare provides quite a bit of enjoyment. While the typical jetpacks return from the past COD games, new weapons such as anti-gravity grenades and seekers add interesting ways to surmount your foes. While fighting outside of the ship you also have a grappling hook style weapon that not only pulls you to the closest floating object, but also allows you to launch towards your foe and provide a CQC style takedown. Space battles, while fun, seem a little less enjoyable than other aspects of the combat. Most space battles can be easily won by locking onto the enemies and holding down the fire button; though it makes space battles easy, it can become overly easy.


Lock-on, kill, repeat

The zombie mode has returned in Infinite Warfare providing a gimmicky 80’s movie vibe that doesn’t really add much in terms of new content to the mode; but it’s a zombie mode when you shoot zombies, that should be enough right?

The new addition to Infinite Warfare’s multiplayer are the Rigs, or multiplayer classes. With six different rigs that suit different playing styles. Otherwise the game retains much of the features from prior COD games.

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While Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is incredibly fun, it does little to add to the franchise. While we would like to see more effort put into developing a better story that gives us a reason to want to enjoy the lore, the story is enough the keep you entertained for the roughly 8 hours it takes to complete. The games main showing of multiplayer and zombie mode still add the most replayability to Infinite Warfare, even though they don’t add much in terms of new content. If you acknowledge Infinite Warfare for the summer movie blockbuster style game it is, you’ll enjoy the game. If you go in expecting a deep story, with innovative gameplay you’ll be sadly disappointed.


The Breakdown


  • Single-player adds a few new features that adds enjoyment to the campaign.
  • Multiplayer is as addictive as ever.
  • New Weapons such as seeker and anti-gravity grenades, and the grappling hook are incredible cool.


  • Story provides no reason for you to pay attention.
  • Few changes make Infinite Warfare feel like a mod to prior COD games.