Fantasy Strike Announced for PS4

Posted on Nov 14 2016 - 8:43pm by Jordan Cundiff

The Fantasy Strike team is lead by David Sirlin, an ex-Street Fighter dev. The game emphasizes controls so simple that even non-fighting gamers can play, yet is still appropriate as a competitive e-sport. The characters are from Sirlin’s card games such as Yomi and Puzzle Strike, finally come to life in fighting game form.

Fantasy Strike is a surprisingly easy to play fighting game that focuses on single button controls for combat. While that may sound offsetting, that is far from the case.


Controls, while simple, are more focused on being easily accessible for all players. The game is currently on Patreon, and supporters of the title can try it out now!

While we are unaware if the Patreon account is the representation of the PS4 version of the title, the game is already looking very impressive!

With a roster of 8 characters based of characters from the Yomi card game, your choice of fighters is quite diverse!

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