FIFA 16 Review

Posted on Oct 1 2015 - 5:32pm by Jordan Cundiff
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FIFA 16 is finally here! With the inclusion of improved gameplay, better graphics, and the addition of women’s soccer does this year’s stand out before all the rest?

EA Sport’s FIFA 16 is one of gaming’s most impressive sports titles, and this year’s edition is no different. The gameplay that you know and love from previous years is here with even more to give you even more options. With changes to both the defensive and offensive aspects of gameplay, FIFA 16 gives players even more ways to play. The overall gameplay mechanics that FIFA fans have become accustomed to are still here with more ways to change the tide of the game. “Games are won and lost in the midfield- in FIFA 16, the midfield matters”. With high emphasis on the midfield in FIFA 16, both the defensive side and offensive side have some new features to control the field. With new tackles (sliding, standing, and fake tackles), group defending, and smarter defensive AI you have more ways than ever before for locking down the offense. Likewise the offensive gameplay changes make crossing the field easier than ever before. With more precision based passes, the addition of crosses, and my favorite the no touch dribbling. The no touch dribbling adds a new way to fake-out defenders with feints that make slipping towards the goal an incredible show. If you are new to the FIFA franchise, FIFA Trainer is a new feature that gives you helpful hints and tips to make the game easier to learn while playing.Training

“Game modes from previous years are still here with even more to enjoy”

Aside from the changes to the gameplay mechanics, the game modes go unchanged for the most part. Bring back career, FUT (or FIFA Ultimate Teams), and the training games players will see a similar set of things to explore while playing the game. The biggest addition to the game’s modes would have to be the addition of the Women’s National Teams. While the addition of the Women’s National Teams is a great addition to the game, unless you’re a huge fan of women’s soccer it’s really just gets lost in the mix.

Women Soccer

What makes the FIFA games stand out is the high level of attention to detail. Visually this game looks incredibly beautiful from top to bottom. The level of detail in the players, stadiums, and the weather conditions is top-notch. Character models look comparable to their real-life counter parts with even the slightest details matched, and this goes the same for the stadiums. Everything detail is taken into consideration, even the crowd details. With over 900 new chants alone, every stadium looks and sounds unique. On top of all of that, even the match overlays and commentators are unique based on the venue or league.

FIFA 16 is an incredible addition to the FIFA series with numerous additions to make it a first day buy. With stunning visuals, exciting gameplay,