FIFA 18 Nintendo Switch Gameplay Footage

Posted on Feb 15 2017 - 3:16pm by Jordan Cundiff

While we’ve known that FIFA was coming to the Nintendo Switch, we now have footage of the game!

In one the latest Switch trailers, we see footage of EA’s FIFA 18. While it is only a short clip of the game, we can see that the game looks similar to what the FIFA titles for Playtation and Xbox are going to look like. This is important to note as the Switch version of FIFA will be made by a separate team than the other console versions. While it is difficult to examine the graphics as the console isn’t right by the screen, the game looks quite impressive! FIFA 18 for the Nintendo Switch is expected to launch with the other versions of the game, but the overall date has yet to be confirmed. Expect to try FIFA 18 when it releases later this year.