The Jackbox Party Pack 3 Review

Posted on Apr 15 2017 - 5:23pm by Jordan Cundiff
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It can be very difficult to get non-gamer friends into joining in on the fun. With the stigma of overly difficult controls, the inability to understand how to play the game, or the just the lack of interest in games easily creates a party pooper. The JackBox Party Packs are the perfect solution for this as they offer several incredibly fun party games, all with the ability to play from smartphones and tablets!

Jackbox Party Pack 3 includes five different game modes that vary from trivia based, questions that have players fill in the funniest responses, and even a game that has players put their artistic skills to the test with hilarious results. Unlike party games of the similar nature, this game uses your smart devices as the controller so numerous players can join in without having to own multiple controllers; because not many people have 8 controllers laying around to begin with. What’s even better is if you like to stream, your viewers can all join in on the fun making this one of the largest party games out there!

The most enjoyable game modes included in the Party Pack 3 include Fakin’ It, Trivia Murder Party, and Tee K.O. Fakin’ It has various players sit around in a circle and answer a question that is sent to your device. One player must play the role of the liar, and will not receive the same question as the other players, tasking the liar to try and blend in with the other players. Players must find with player is the liar to earn points, which is easier said than done. The liar can end up in hilarious situations as there are different ways you must answer the question, and without knowing what the question is the liar may end up looking pretty stupid; and not all questions are clean so you may come across questions involving objects in the butt.

Trivia Murder Party is a trivia based game mode, which may sound bland to some, that revamps what you expect from a trivia game. Set in a comical horror movie, players must answer questions to stay alive. Players that fail to answer correctly will be brought to the Killing Floor where they must compete in questions that test your memory, math skills, morals, and more. If the player is unable to complete the task correctly, they will be killed; but you aren’t out of the game. Dead players can continue to play until there is one living character left, to which the final stage. In the final stage the living player must answer questions correctly to escape the horror house and win. At the same time, the dead players will answer the same questions in an effort to take over the living character’s body and win. This adds a new level of intensity as you must answer more questions correctly than the other players, or you may still ending up losing after all.

TEE K.O. focuses on players artistic skills having players create shirts. After creating the designs for the shirts, players are given the shirts that other players create with the goal of creating the best caption for the image. Afterwards, players and viewers from Twitch (yes, your Twitch viewers can join in on the fun while they watch your streams) must choose which shirt is the best a move on to the next stage. The best part about this game mode is the ability to purchase the shirts that are made, and wear them with pride in real life!

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While the game modes above are my favorites, Quiplash 2 and Guesspionage aren’t bad either. Quiplash 2 focuses on players giving the funniest answers to the questions given on their devices. Similar to TEE K.O. Twitch streamers can allow their viewers to join in on the fun by allowing them to vote on the best answer. Guesspionage differs from the other game modes as it has players guessing percentages to the questions answered. While the game mode is funny, and entertaining, it can be hard to earn points as it only rewards you for being within 15% of the correct answer.

If you’re looking for a hilarious party game that’s easily accessible for anyone to play, Jackbox Party Pack 3 is the perfect option for you. Offering easy to pick up and play game modes that aren’t overly complicated to learn, you can get even none gamers in on the fun. With each game mode offering a different style game mode from the rest, this party pack will offer hours of fun without feeling stale.



  • Incredibly fun, and hilarious gameplay that doesn’t go stale
  • Various game modes give you a variety
  • Easy for everyone to pick up and play
  • Streamers can allow their viewers to join in on the fun


  • Game modes lose fun factor in smaller groups
  • With the ability to play with Twitch Streamers, the lack of an online mode in certain game modes feel like a missed opportunity

*Complimentary review copy was provided by the developer for review purposes.