Mad Max Review

Posted on Sep 21 2015 - 4:43am by Jordan Cundiff
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Mad Max is a cult classic film that spawned a massive following. Not only did it have a huge impact on movies, but games as well. Serving as a source of inspiration for titles as Fallout, Rage, Borderlands, Twisted Metal, and even Metal Gear Solid (if you could believe it) the Mad Max name was in need of a title of its own. With the Mad Max name to back it, can Mad Max the game live up to the film’s success?

Beautiful Wasteland

“The end of the world sure looks beautiful”.

Mad Max starts off with a bang having Mad Rockatansky fighting off dangerous Marauders called the War Boys, led by Scabrous Scrotus. Left with nothing but a dog companion, Max must reclaim his V8 Interceptor and take down the War Boys. The only problem is the story is only really prevalent in the start of the game, and the end. In between you are left running errands for numerous characters that helps build up the Magnum Opus with the help of Chumbucket.

Though the story seems missing, the gameplay is consistently action packed. From fuel-injected car combat to mono-a-mono fist fights, Mad Max delivers the testosterone filled gameplay. With a massive arsenal of weapons from harpoons, snipers, and boarder spikes the car battles fill the void that all Mad Max fans have been looking for. The only fault the combat in this game has is the difficulty. Most of the vehicle bouts can be finished by simply shooting a harpoon into the enemy driver’s window, and launching the driver into the harsh desert sand. This problem carries over to all other combat to this game.

Wasteland Gas

“You think fuel is scare now!”

The game’s hand combat follows the format of Batman’s Arkham series; which is a good, and bad thing. While combat is ease to pick up, with the lackluster AI, anyone could easily run through the game. While this could be a major plus for casual gamers, the combat is beyond easy.Combat

Most of the game relies on the concept of scavenging for supplies and parts to help build up your Magnum Ops. This expedition for scrapes can be entertaining because not only can you customize your vehicle to your liking, you can change the appearance Max also.Mad Max is a gorgeous game, even for a barren wasteland. Unlike some titles filled with copy and pasted areas that make exploring more of a task than it is fun, Mad Max has areas that look unique.


Mad Max looks and plays well, even with the flaws the game has. Hopefully this is the first in a series of games because this was overall a fun game with some flaws that can bore you. While it’s clearly not a game of the year candidate, it is a perfect title to fill you desire to relive the Mad Max series; or to hold you over till Fallout (if you’re looking to fill your post-apocalyptic fix).Big Ass Arena

“Thanks for coming to the end of the world, come back soon”