Metal Gear Survive: TGS Gameplay Trailer

Posted on Sep 18 2016 - 5:57pm by Jordan Cundiff

Since its first showing, Metal Gear Survive has received mixed feedback from fans and critics alike. Thanks to TGS, we can finally see how the game actually plays.

From the gameplay trailer we see that stealth mechanics are still present in the game, yet it focuses on teamwork to complete the goals. Players will use gadgets seen in MGS: V, and a few new one to battle the “living biological threats” and Survive.

Metal Gear: Survive is being treated as a spin-off title to the Metal Gear series in an alternate universe. Following Mother Base survivors that were sucked into a wormhole following the events of Ground Zeroes players must survive in a monster ridden world. While the “living biological threats” look similar to The Skulls from MGS: Vnothing has been confirmed on that.

With it being a spin-off title, Konami has stated that the game will cost “somewhere in the vicinity” of what Ground Zeroes cost; so $29.99. You can expect to see Metal Gear Survive of Xbox One, PS4, and PC in 2017.