Mighty No 9. Backers Not Getting What Was Promised

Posted on Jul 26 2017 - 11:00pm by Jordan Cundiff

Mighty No. 9 backers are getting less than what they expected when it came to a physical release.

While Mighty No. 9 wasn’t the successful game fans were hoping for, the game was provided to backers as promised. The same can’t be said for backers of the physical copy of Mighty No. 9. One Twitter user showcases a video showing that he did receive a physical copy of Mighty No. 9, just it wasn’t a physical copy of the game. Instead, backers are given an unassembled box with an instruction manual that is too large to fit in the box. To make things worse, there is no physical copy of the game included either. For the $60 price point, we fully understand why fans would be upset.