Modern Warfare Remastered: Secret Weapons?

Posted on Nov 15 2016 - 6:27pm by Jordan Cundiff

Thanks to some users on Reddit, if is now known that there are some weapons in Modern Warfare Remastered that aren’t actually able to be used in the game. Videos were posted showcasing the hidden weapons, but were taken down to copyright claims by Activision; but that doesn’t mean it’s completely gone.

As seen in the video above, the player wields a military grade entrenching tool (or combat shovel). You can view all of the hidden weapons here, and make sure to check out the founder (Semyel) imgur while you’re at it.

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Whether the weapons will be part of dlc that will be released in the future, or just weapons that were placed in an earlier build of the game, it is unclear whether the weapons will be available anytime soon.

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