Nintendo Switch Review

Posted on Mar 5 2017 - 5:48pm by Jordan Cundiff

The Nintendo Switch is finally here!

After months of anxiously awaiting the consoles release, I slowly became worried on whether the Nintendo Switch was going to live up to the massive amount of hype that was being created. Nintendo was doing what it does best by breaking the traditional ideas of what a gaming console should be. Upon receiving the console, my joy was turned into fear on whether the wait was worth it. Right as I watched the console turn on, I was already confident that the Switch would provide a truly amazing Nintendo experience; and it sure does!

The Nintendo Switch offers the versatility of being both a home console, and a portable one also. The ease of being able to pick up the console, and take it with me to continue playing where ever I go fulfills my lifelong dream of being able to play without interruptions. Whether I want to play on a trip, continue playing Zelda while on a work break, or bring the system with me to play as I lie down, the Switch easily makes gaming wherever possible without having to compromise.

While the Wii U was a great first step towards being able to play wherever in the home, you had to stay within the console’s vicinity to prevent signal loss. With the main component of the Switch being the tablet, vicinity is no longer a problem. If you are playing on a TV simply attach the joy cons to the tablet, pull the tablet out of the dock, and you’re ready to go.  If you want to play without holding the console, you can easily prop the console on the kickstand and continue playing as you were on the TV. This ease of access wherever you are makes the system a treat.

When it comes to the system’s UI (User Interface), it is like Nintendo’s 3DS display. The dashboard is clean in appearance, and extremely easy to navigate. When it comes to the eShop, the clean look continues making this quite possibly the most aesthetically pleasing UI Nintendo has ever created. The one aspect that is quite a letdown for the Switch is the return of the Friend codes. With Nintendo looking forward to charging for online gameplay later this year, the use of Friend codes really is a bad start to creating a proper online experience worth paying for.

While the Switch’s UI is clean, the console itself may even be cleaner in appearance. The ease of removing the joy cons from the console is just a button press. On the back of each joy con, you can easily press the release button on each joy con to detach it from the tablet console. From there you can attach the joy cons to either the wrist straps, or controller base. Each individual joy con has a motion sensor in them so when it comes to games like Breath of the Wild, you can easily aim arrows using motion controls. This is not only a nifty feature, but further adds to the Switch’s already massive list of cool features.

The Nintendo Switch is a great step forward for Nintendo as it proves yet again that Nintendo can create incredible, and unique, consoles. While there are features that we hope get updated in the future, such as the use of Friend codes, Nintendo continues to evolve the gaming experience. While we love the Nintendo Switch, we can’t wait to see what Nintendo comes up with next!



  • Sleek UI
  • Versatility of being able to play on the go
  • The ability to use each joy con as its own controller makes for fun multiplayer without the massive price point


  • Friend code returns, and we still don’t like it
  • The inability to charge joy cons while playing is a hindrance
  • Lack of Virtual Console at launch doesn’t help the system’s already limited launch line-up