Nintendo Switch Trailer / Confirmed Developers

Posted on Oct 20 2016 - 3:24pm by Jordan Cundiff

With the unveiling of the new Nintendo console titled the Nintendo Switch, there is a trailer to help explain the home/mobile console. The console will be a portable system with a base station that displays the games over your monitor with a controller with removable sidings. The siding can be detached, and connected to the tablet within the console to play on the go. Another addition is the use of cartridge games, instead of the use of discs; this makes sense for the purpose of the console being portable, but the storage capacity does come into question at that point.

With the release of the new console, we were also informed of confirmed Nintendo partners for the Switch.


As seen in the trailer games like Skyrim, Splatoons, and NBA 2K are being played on the system which is a huge plus. For the past few systems Nintendo has missed the mark on third-party games, but seem like they aim to reclaim a prominent role in the console race.