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Resident Evil: Revelations Series Coming to Switch

on Tue, Aug 1, 2017 | By Jordan Cundiff

After being announced for a re-release for the PS4 and Xbox One later this year, Capcom has now confirmed the Revelation series will also be coming to the Nintendo Switch. While it was originally announced to be released on  the PS4 and Xbox One August 29th, the Resident Evil Revelation series will also be making its way to the Nintendo Switch. While the Nintendo Switch...

Business Tour: Online Multiplayer Board Game Review

on Fri, Jul 28, 2017 | By Jordan Cundiff

Board games are a pain as you’ve gotta get a group of friends together, keep everyone interested in finishing the game, then hope everyone will help with the clean up. Personally, we hate the clean up aspect of board games. Luckily, Business Tour gives you all the benefits of playing a Monopoly style board game without any of the headaches. The best part of all, the game...

*Update* Could GTA VI Be on the Horizon?

on Thu, Jul 27, 2017 | By Jordan Cundiff

GTA VI could be coming sooner than expected as they have already began working on it. Almost 4 years after the release of GTA V, many are looking forward to the next game in the series; and they many not have to wait that much longer. According to actor Tim Neff’s resume, he has done motion capture work for two upcoming Rockstar titles. These titles are Red Dead Redemption...

Mighty No 9. Backers Not Getting What Was Promised

on Wed, Jul 26, 2017 | By Jordan Cundiff

Mighty No. 9 backers are getting less than what they expected when it came to a physical release. While Mighty No. 9 wasn’t the successful game fans were hoping for, the game was provided to backers as promised. The same can’t be said for backers of the physical copy of Mighty No. 9. One Twitter user showcases a video showing that he did receive a physical copy...

The Sims 4 Coming to Xbox One and PS4

on Wed, Jul 26, 2017 | By Jordan Cundiff

Years after the original release on PC, the Sims 4 comes to Xbox One and PS4 this holiday season. While it may be a few years after the initial release of the Sims 4 on PC, the life simulator title will finally come to consoles November 17th. According to a press release by EA: “From creating unique Sims and building amazing homes to developing Sim’s relationships...

Splatoon 2 Review

on Fri, Jul 21, 2017 | By Jordan Cundiff

Nintendo is a company known for providing incredible single-player series that are unmatched in popularity. Until just recently though, this same success was not witnessed in their multiplayer titles; the few that they even released. While titles like Mario Kart did present a step towards their online presence, Nintendo was only known for their single-player gameplay. That...

New Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite Trailer Showcases 4 New Characters

on Thu, Jul 20, 2017 | By Jordan Cundiff

The Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite roster grows by 4 with the release of another trailer for the game. As part of the Marvel Games panel at San Diego Comic-Con, four new characters have joined the MVC: Infinite Roster. While the 4 characters are not new to the series Nemisis, Mike Haggar, Frank West, and Spider-Man will appear in the latest installment of the series. Who are...

Call of Duty WWII Zombie Mode Revealed

on Thu, Jul 20, 2017 | By Jordan Cundiff

The popular zombie mode returns in the upcoming Call of Duty WW II. While not much of a surprise as it’s become a staple in the series, Nazi Zombie mode returns in Call of Duty WWII. With the game taking place during WWII, it is only fitting that the Nazi Zombies would make another appearance. According to Activision, Nazi Zombies: “transports players into...

The Evil Within 2 “Survive” Trailer

on Wed, Jul 19, 2017 | By Jordan Cundiff

Will Sebastian survive the events of The Evil Within 2? How will you survive in The Evil Within 2? That’s the mantra running through Sebastian Castellanos’ mind. Plagued by memories of the daughter he couldn’t save and a mystery he could never solve, he begins to lose himself in his past mistakes. Sebastian lives out his nightmares every day, unable to pull himself...