Playstation Meeting: Watch It Here Live!

Posted on Sep 7 2016 - 4:40pm by Jordan Cundiff

In just a few hours Sony will be holding a meeting in New York for well nobody is sure yet. The good thing is you can watch it right here at 3pm est live.

 There are rumors floating around on what this meeting may be about, and some of these rumors seem pretty possible.
Playstation NEO
The current model PS4 is powerful, but not powerful enough to pull off the 4k which many gamers desire. To accommodate to this Sony claimed that they would be bringing a newer, more powerful system to the market. We are hoping to get a price, and release date tomorrow, with possible footage of some games on the updated console.
Being a Sony event we expect to see some exclusive title gameplay such as The Last Guardian, God of War, and maybe some footage of the Crash Bandicoot Remastered (fingers crossed on the last one). On top of the exclusives, Bioware has been teasing some announcements for the event. We are hoping that we may get some information on Mass Effect Andromeda which has been in development for quite some time.
Playstation VR
To complement the Playstation NEO (if announced), you can expect the Playstation VR to be in use on the upgraded system; I mean the NEO was practically made for the purpose of VR. Add in the fact that the VR headset is set for an October 13th release, we would expect them to build up even more hype for it.