Pokemon Sun and Moon Demo / Starter Evolutions

Posted on Oct 4 2016 - 2:03pm by Jordan Cundiff

While we have seen the new starter Pokemon for Sun and Moon, we haven’t seen what they evolve into; until now!


Dartrix is the evolution of Rowlet with a Dawson’s Creek inspired hair cut. Dartrix is the only starter Pokemon with two attributes thus far (Grass/Flying). This could be a benefit to players who pick it.



Torracat is the evolution of Litten. Watch when you pet it, because the charm around its neck is blazing hot.



Brionne is the second form of Popplio. Bringing powerful water attacks to the battle, Brionne is a nice choice for water Pokemon fans.

While the latest trailer brings us a lot incredible news, the biggest is the announcement of the demo available October 18th. Players will be able to play a special demo version with Greninja, the final evolution of one of the starter Pokemon from X & Y. This time Greninja has a mega evolution called Ash Greninja, which can be transferred to Sun and Moon upon release.


Are you ready for the next Poke-adventure?

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