Resident Evil 7 Has Been Rated

Posted on Aug 26 2016 - 3:23pm by Jordan Cundiff

ESRB Rating

Resident Evil 7 has finally hit the ESRB with some revealing details above the game. Receiving an M rating should be no surprise to those who have played any Resident Evil titles in the past. From the description given the game retains the blood and gore that you would come to expect, but what stands out is what is said about combat. The Resident Evil 7 demo that was released early this year had no combat aspects what so ever, but you could obtain an ax. Many were unsure whether weapons would be used to distract the enemies like in Alien Isolation, or if they would be used for combat purposes. Now while we have an understanding that there will be actual combat, the question is what the mutant creatures you will face will be.

Will this shotgun be enough?

Will this shotgun be enough?

We haven’t seen much in terms of what these mutant creatures will look like, but from the E3 demo it appeared to be a crazed person reminiscent of the Las Plagas in RE4. Whether RE7 has any connections to past Resident Evil games has yet to be revealed. From the looks of it, Resident Evil 7 looks to be going for a more realistic approach to horror; breaking away from the existing RE lore. Regardless, we are eagerly anticipating the release of Resident Evil 7 early next year.