Resident Evil 7: Vol 6 “Immortal” Trailer

Posted on Oct 26 2016 - 5:06pm by Jordan Cundiff

The latest trailer for Resident Evil 7 gives viewers some insight into the infamous Jack Baker; and apparently he is immortal!

The video shows the protagonist in an altercation against what seems to be a scythe-like wielding Jack Baker. After getting shot twice at point blank range, Baker starts gargling blood and drops to the floor. The bloody and beaten protagonist hobbles past the body of Jack Baker until he is met with “Oh, no, no, no. Now you’re going to get it, boy,“. Jack Baker seems to be an immortal foe that won’t be halted by simple handguns.


The video is captioned Something’s not quite right with Jack, and that couldn’t be any more true!


Resident Evil 7 releases January 24th, 2017 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. If you missed Vol. 5 Survival, you can watch it by clicking the link here. Survival goes over the use of Herbs in RE7 for healing purposes.