Rock Band Dev Announce New Music Game DropMix

Posted on Mar 10 2017 - 6:02pm by Jordan Cundiff

Harmonix has announced its next game today, and it isn’t anything like Rock Band.

DropMix, a card-based music game being developed by Harmonix with the help of Hasbro. This game uses various cards that include vocal tracks, bass, guitar, and drums from popular songs. The combination of these cards on the board will create a custom mix of the songs in real time.

At launch, DropMix will have a game mode called Clash. According to the developer,

“There’s a lot of depth and strategy to Clash Mode, but the core idea is that you earn points by playing cards and it’s a race to 21,” Harmonix explained. “There’s also an option to save your mix to your device, so when you’re playing and you’ve got those cards sounding just right, you can save it for you and your friends to enjoy.”

DropMix launches September 2017 for IOS and Android.