Scalpers: Turtle and the Moonshine Gang Review

Posted on Mar 30 2017 - 8:20pm by Jordan Cundiff
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What do you get when you mix the wild west, an anthropomorphic animal world, and elements of popular top-down shooters? The answer, Scalpers: Turtle and the Moonshine Gang, a western top-down shooter that tasks you and three others to go bounty hunting in an animal filled world.

Scalpers: TMG (Turtle and the Moonshine Gang) takes place in the ever-expanding wild west, where greed and corruption has taken over. To combat these rise in crime, the bounty hunting business is booming, to say the least. The gang of Shelly Smith, Smudge, and Preacher Pete must take down the various criminals to collect the bounty either by working together, or taking down the criminals alone.

Upon first playing Scalpers, the controls are pretty easy to grasp so there isn’t much of a learning curve. Don’t let the ease of the controls fool you as this is a skill-based multiplayer shooter. Players must face off against massive waves of enemies, complete various objectives across the maps, and defeat bosses that don’t just look intimidating. Players have the ability to customize their character, and loadout, to stand a better chance. As you progress through the game you’ll unlock upgrades that enhance your characters, weapons, and perks, which is needed as this game as this game is extremely difficult.

As you play through the game enough times, one thing you’ll notice is that the weapon balancing is way off. After playing through campaigns I used the various weapons at your disposal, only to find out that the minigun was the only one worth using. While the revolver, shotgun, and sword were all cool, the minigun had no flaws to it; making it so I only pick it instead of the other weapons. It would have been nice to see some benefits to make it worthwhile to use the other weapons, but it you want to win chances are you’ll just pick the minigun.

While you can play Scalpers by yourself, it is recommended that you go through the game with friends. Though it is possible to beat campaigns by yourself, don’t expect to succeed unless you’re playing on easy mode. Waves of enemies will overwhelm you at objective points where you must stay in the indicated area until the bar depletes. The kicker is that the bar only depletes when you’re in the indicated area, and when enemies swarm the indicated area is ground zero. This will not only frustrate the living hell out of you, but also give you a wrong idea of the game.

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Scalpers is first and foremost a game for a group of friends to play through to achieve success; and hours of fun! Playing with friends is not intense on the higher difficulties, but extremely fun as you mow down waves of crazed bunnies that are out to kill you. While this can be fun for quite a bit of time, the four campaigns are a bit limiting. (Keep in mind that the game is still in early access, so there may be more campaigns along the way).

Once you finally progress to the end of each level you’ll face off with the boss (the one with the bounty on his or her head). These battles vary from shooting explosive barrels to stagger the boss, destroying structures to bring down the wicked foe, and much more. The variation in the battles makes each level feel unique, and make you come back for more.

Scalpers is a fast-paced action shooter that is sure to give you and your friends hours of fun. With a variety of choices for loadouts, characters, and upgrades to earn you’ll enjoy easily get your money’s worth. While there aren’t many maps, weapons balancing issues, and a small community at the moment, Scalpers still offers an incredibly fun experience for a small price.



  • Boss battles are unique, and extremely fun
  • Online play is frantic, and offers hours of fun
  • Customization options gives players a variety of ways to play


  • Balancing issues with weapons make the minigun the only weapon worth using
  • 4 maps drastically cuts down replay ability
  • Clipping issues on various areas of each map

*Complimentary review copy was provided by the developer for review purposes.