SGDQ Speedrunning Event Raises Almost $2 Million

Posted on Jul 10 2017 - 1:05am by Jordan Cundiff

After a week long speedrunning event, the Summer Games Done Quick has ended raising more than $1.7 million dollars for charity.

After a week of incredible speedruns of your favorite games, Summer Games Done Quick has brought in $1,776,510.79 for Doctors Without Borders. This amount tops the previous SGDQ record of $1.29 million from last year.

For those unfamiliar with the Games Done Quick series, the event speedruns various games for charity. Summer Games Done Quick is the secondary event next to the Awesome Games Done Quick event. Each event runs over 100 games in Any% runs (completing the game with any skips possible), speedrun races (various players face off to see who can finish the game the fastest), and even single player co-op runs (one player completes co-op games i.e. Portal 2).

You can rewatch the speedruns now including Mario Kart 64 completed in under an hour, Breath of the Wild in under an hour, and an 8 hour run of Final Fantasy 7 on their Twitch page.

Make sure to check out the next event, Awesome Games Done Quick, sometime in January.