Street Fighter V Update: Stage KO’S and More

Posted on Sep 23 2016 - 8:22pm by Jordan Cundiff

Capcom continues to support Street Fighter V with another update that brings quite a bit of content to satisfy fans. Bringing both new game modes, characters, and new ways to finish the fight is enough to excite any Street Fighter Fan.


For long time fans of the series, Urien makes his return. First introducted inĀ Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact, Urien is a suit wearing badass that does enough damage to worry any opponent. With slow yet damaging attacks, Urien is a serious threat; even if his name sounds very strange. Urien can be purchase by using either 100,000 Fight Money, or $4.99.

The pinstripe suited fighter has returned!

The pinstripe suited fighter has returned!


Urien channeling his inner Goku with a spirit bomb.

Urien channeling his inner Goku with a spirit bomb.

Daily Targets

Daily Targets allow players to earn some easy Fight Money for completing time-limited tasks. This could be useful if you want to use Fight Money to purchase Urien.

Versus Com Mode

Gamers now have the option to face the computer to sharpen their skills before going online. While this feature should have been in the base game, it is nice to finally see this added into the game.

New Environmental Stage KO’s

If you complete a perfect match and have your opponent cornered, you can now perform environmental stage KO’s. These KO’s are a way to humiliate you opponent, almost like fatalities in Mortal Kombat; just less death and more comedic knockouts.

Aside from Urien, this update is free to download so make sure to keep an eye out when you start up SFV.