Top 10: Pokemon Games

Posted on Sep 28 2016 - 9:00am by Jordan Cundiff

What a tranquil look at the Pokemon Universe.

The Pokemon game series is without a doubt one of the most popular in gaming history. Spanning over 20 games, and numerous different consoles, Pokemon games continually saw success; and you could even say that they made the Gameboy the popular system that it was. With the release of Sun and Moon coming with a huge cast of new Pokemon and features, we look back on the games that made the series the juggernaut that it is today.

10) Pokemon Snap


Only in Pokemon Snap can you see a litter of Charmanders.

Stepping away from the traditional concept of battling and catching Pokemon, Pokemon Snap took more of a peaceful approach to the series. The purpose of Pokemon Snap focused on taking pictures of Pokemon in their natural habitats. While the game lacked in roster size (only containing about half of the gen 1 Pokemon), it did make up for it with incredible 3d models and vibrant environments that felt truly alive. Seeing a flock of Pidgets flying overhead while a Lapras floats in a nearby lake is not only a gorgeous sight, but it also created a more realistic image of what living in a Poke Universe would actually look like.

9) Pokemon Stadium 2


The Legendary Beasts make battling quite interesting.

While catching Pokemon is fun, we all know what we are really looking forward to and that’s battling; and that’s what Pokemon Stadium focuses on. Focusing on the battling side, Pokemon Stadium allowed you to skip the traveling around aspect and put you right in the action. The reason we choose Pokemon Stadium 2 was the inclusion of even more Pokemon to choose; even allowing you to choose the Legendary Beasts! What added to the fun was the ability to transfer your Pokemon from Gold and Silver, and use them in Pokemon Stadium. We can only hope to see another Pokemon Stadium style game in the future, because they were incredible!

8) Pokemon Colosseum


Pokemon Colosseum was like Pokemon Stadium with a story

For years, fans wanted a traditional Pokemon game on the consoles that allowed you to travel and catch Pokemon; in short we wanted the Gameboy games on the console. After years of waiting we were given Pokemon Colosseum that, wasn’t like the Gameboy games but, provided a darker story and hours of enjoyment. Bringing the 2 vs 2 combat made popular in Ruby and Sapphire, and also including a battle system like Stadium made Colosseum a hit with fans.

7) Pokemon Black and White 2

The 3D environments were a nice touch.

The 3D environments were a nice touch.

Though not talked about as much as other titles in the series, Black and White 2 added more than enough new content to make it stand out. While preserving the overall premise of its predecessors, B&W 2 add more to the already refined formula. The most notable addition is the Pokemon World Tournament which allows you to test your skills against not only gym leaders, put even past champions. Add in a continued story from the orginal B&W games and some small features like Pokestar Studios to pass the time, and you’ll easily spend numerous hours playing.

6) Pokemon Diamond/ Pearl


Fan favorite Lucario debuted in Diamond and Pearl.

There is one feature that made Pokemon Diamond/Pearl as popular as it was, online play! No longer did you have to find a friend to play with, connect the annoying cord between systems, and stay within 3 feet of your friend playing Pokemon. You were free to battle opponents from across the globe over the internet which was what everyone was wanting from the start. Add in the enhanced 3d-ish graphics, enhanced roster that included fan favorite Lucario, and a new story and Diamond/ Pearl easily stand out.

5) Pokemon Emerald


The Pokemon series is well known for directors cut style games that build upon the original title. Emerald does just that by building upon the incredible Ruby/Sapphire titles. Adding more backstory into Kyogre and Groudon, a deeper main story, and the introduction of the Battle Frontier (essentially an expanded Battle Tower) made Emerald one of the more popular additions in the series. The lifespan of the game is extended by also being able to challenge again in double battles if you desired. With the addition of animated Pokemon sprites and Emerald was a standout hit!

4) Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire


While feelings about the original releases of Ruby and Sapphire were mixed, Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire are another story. With all of the enhancements seen in the newer Pokemon games including Mega Evolutions, online play, and even hidden abilities. These enhancements are on top of the already increased roster from the original Ruby & Sapphire titles. What made it even better was the updated visuals that made it hard to believe it wasn’t a completely new game!

3) Pokemon X & Y

Charizard X looks pissed!

Charizard X looks pissed!

While there have been many new Pokemon games, few have had the same as X&Y. X&Y feel like true sequels to past installments to the series. Including more new content than I can talk in this description, a huge cast of new Pokemon, and the new Mega Evolutions really make X&Y feel truly special. X&Y was also the first title to be fully 3d meaning that everything from the environments, the characters, and the Pokemon themselves had full 3d models. For long time fans of the series, these titles were a massive step forward from past games. If you haven’t played any of the past Pokemon games, these two are the best to get your Poke-addiction started!

2) Pokemon Red and Blue

The two games that started it all.

The two games that started it all.

While it isn’t as deep or pretty as the newer titles in the series, Red and Blue created the foundation for the great Pokemon games to come; and that doesn’t mean these games were bad. Red and Blue contained over 100 Pokemon to catch and battle, which for the Gameboy is pretty impressive. Even with the new 3d models and customization found in the newer installments, there is still a special place in hearts of gamers for the games that started it all.

1)Pokemon Heartgold & Soul Silver

Quite possibly the most well put together Pokemon games ever.

Quite possibly the most well put together Pokemon games ever.

Why Heart Gold and Soul Silver you ask? Building off of both Gold and Silver, Heart Gold and Soul Silver bring everything that was great with the original games with enhancements. All of the new game mechanics that were introduced in Gold and Silver return with the new 100 Pokemon that also debuted. Add in the online play aspect, which wasn’t around when the games first released, and the already numerous hours you’ll spend playing the game expands even further. Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver are easily the most well put together Pokemon games to date.

Do you agree with our list? What do you think is the best Pokemon game?