Watch Dogs 2 Review

Posted on Nov 14 2016 - 9:16pm by Jordan Cundiff
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Upon launching 2014, the original Watch Dogs game was considered a bit of a letdown by many. With many features, and visuals, shown in the trailer being absent from the main game. While the game itself wasn’t bad, but didn’t live up the incredible gameplay originally shown. Watch Dogs 2 successfully builds upon the faults that the original game had presenting a far more enjoyable experience.


The original Watch Dogs focused on a dark gritty story focused around Aiden Pearce’s vigilante style character who had as much depth as a piece of paper. Watch Dogs 2 fixed the shallow and bland story presented in the original Watch Dogs presenting a more rich, and an interesting story with characters that help add enjoyment to the game’s campaign.

Watch Dogs 2 follows Marcus Holloway, a young hacker that was falsely accused of a crime he didn’t commit by ctOS (central Operating System); the Big Brother style monitoring system found in the first game. Marcus teams with fellow DedSec members Sitara, Wrench, Horatio, and Josh as they look to expose ctOS and Blume (the corporation responsible implementing the ctOS system). Along the way Dedsec must take down churches that worship false idols, take down corrupt pharmaceutical heads, and complete many more missions that recreate real world events.

Watch Dogs 2’s mission combined a mix of darker missions (unveiling just how much control the ctOS has over the city), and light hearted comical mission that lighten the mood. This mix keeps you occupied without making you lose interest in the story; as it did in the first game with a completely dark story all the way through.


Watch Dogs 2 builds upon the decent gameplay of the original title, adding new gadgets and tools. The second installment in the Watch Dogs makes you feel more like the hacker that you were meant to be in the original game, giving players numerous ways to play. Whether you want to play as a stealthy hacker that uses ground based (or flying) drones, or prefer to go guns blazing the game lets you play your way. This is complemented with a skill tree that lets you build Marcus as you see fit; whether it is an aggressive hacker that goes for mass destructions and death, or the passive hacker that stuns any opposition.

While the gameplay is extremely fun, it does retain faults found in the original game. Enemy AI is hit or miss with them either being omniscient beings that know where you are always, or the most idiotic then lemmings. Numerous times I was almost caught by an enemy only to ring his phone to which he completely forgot about me. The game’s driving mechanics still feel very faulty with many vehicles feeling tanky.

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Watch Dogs 2 looks incredible replicating San Francisco down to many recognizable locations. The games detail in ensuring that you feel like you are in San Francisco is incredible. Add in a wide soundtrack that will appeal to most, and the presentation that Watch Dogs 2 has is incredible.

Watch Dogs 2 feels like what the original game aimed to achieve, with even more. With new gadgets, a more developed story, and more ways to play Watch Dogs 2 is an incredible game. While there are a few aspects that we wish were fixed, they aren’t bad enough to stop you from playing.

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  • Story feels more enjoyable with a mix of serious and humor filled missions.
  • New gadgets and skill tree gives players new and interesting ways to play
  • The online adds suspense with foes being able to attack you whenever.
  • Photo realistic environments look identical to San Francisco in real life!



  • Inconsistency in AI takes away from fun at times.
  • Driving still feels tank-ish.

*Complementary copy of the game was provided by the developer for review purposes.