Next Hitman Target Revealed

Posted on Jan 10 2017 - 4:01pm by Jordan Cundiff

Starting Friday 13th, Hitman’s next Elusive Target will arrive in Hitman for 7 days.

The Chameleon, the new elusive target, will be in Colorado for 7 days. The two objectives, and Special Contract Conditions are as followed:

Objectives: (1) Eliminate Richard M. Foreman & (2) Retrieve Documents.
Special Contract Conditions: Eliminate the target with a non-explosion accident.

If you are able to complete the Elusive Target contract, you are rewarded with quite a few gifts.

Players can get a head start on the mission by downloading the Hitman Companion app now which will give a briefing of the mission, as well as specific info to help Agent 47 on the mission.

Hitman Companion App (IOS)


Hitman Companion App (Android)

The Companion app will also give players a heads up on upcoming Elusive targets, and various upcoming contracts coming to Hitman.


Are you ready for your next contract?