Super Bomberman R Review

Posted on Mar 4 2017 - 5:12pm by Jordan Cundiff
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The last time we witnessed a Bomberman launch title was Bomberman: Act Zero for the Xbox 360 which was a massive flop to say the least. With that being said, we were a little skeptical when we heard that Super Bomberman R was going to be a launch title for the Nintendo Switch. After playing a few multiplayer rounds though, we instantly fell in love.

Super Bomberman R offers two game modes: online and story mode. For those new to the series, story mode will be the best place to get you prepared for the fast paced, and competitive online environment.   The story mode places the player in various stages where you must either defeat all of the enemies that aimlessly meander around the stage, or step on buttons, to advance to the next stage. The enemies, while possibly braindead, will end up tripping you up as you run around each stage; thus, don’t get too cocky because you’ll die a lot! After completing 8 stages you’ll face off against the level’s boss. The boss battles, even on easy mode, are extremely difficult to face off with. Each boss has their own special ability that makes it a pain to counter. While these boss battles are fun, they can become quite tedious after trying to beat the same boss 30 times….and still dying. After defeating the boss once, you’ll face off against the boss once more in a second form. These battles are a lot more bearable, to the point where they are too easy to beat. The bosses in the second stage cycle through the same few predictable attacks that are easily avoided. If you need any assistance, you can have another player drop in to give you a hand.

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The real seller of this game revolves around the multiplayer, and it delivers! Offering fast paced gameplay with up to 8 players created massive party fun, or online awesomeness; and with the ability to play with one half of the Joy Con is a nice perk. Players face off in various multiplayer maps with the goal of blowing up their enemies. This concept seems intense already, but already defeated players can throw in bombs from the side of the map with the possibility of respawning if they defeat a player. This not only adds to the intensity, but creates some fairness.

Players have the ability to earn coins playing online that can be used to either purchase special antennas for their Bomberman, or new stages to play on in multiplayer. The nice thing here is that there aren’t any micro transactions present, allowing for players to earn coins without having to spend even more money.

Super Bomberman R provides a fun experience that really explodes when playing with others. While the single player experience isn’t bad, it isn’t great either. While the story may provide some chuckles from funny moments, the stages just aren’t that fun; and the boss battles do little to redeem that. With that being said, Bomberman is a party game with Super Bomberman R being no different. If you want to get the most fun out of this game, either grab a group of friends to have a great multiplayer experience or jump online!

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  • Extremely fun multiplayer experience
  • Story mode provides funny moments that will provide some chuckles
  • The ability for two players to play with only half a Joy Con is great for gaming on a budget


  • Voice acting is soo bad it’s funny
  • Single player offers little, to no, replayability
  • Boss battles are relentless even on lower difficulties, making it difficult to progress through the story

*Complementary copy of the game was provided by the developer for review purposes.